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Snarleez-Vol-1Millicent Margaret Macilvoy is a thoroughly interesting girl, with interesting places to go, and interesting things to do. But when Millicent wakes up for her very first day of kindergarten, her hair is more than interesting, it was messy, it was knotty, it was gnarly and as she describes, it was The Snarleez. A fun, colorful story and characters inspired by a dad’s frustratingly-fun, morning hair brushing adventures with his five young daughters.  Buy It!

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Snarleez Books

The Snarleez and the Adventures of Millicent Margaret MacIlvoy


My Knoteez Crazy Hair Diary


My Friendeez Crazy Hair Diary


Happy Parents

Wow, I never thought my Gracie would enjoy brushing out her knots in the morning. She actually looks forward to going bed time so she can wake up and find out which Snarleez visited her during her sleep. We have so much fun that it's become a new family tradition! Amanda B.
I can't believe how great these books are! My daughter Izzy absolutely loves them and they've made our morning routine  (not to mention bed time) actually... fun! Monica G.